Students fear BSA due to commitment issues

With the academic year coming to a close, a number of students have set their eyes on the second year of their study. However, some freshmen struggle with their BSA: the Bonding Study Advice.

Students like Jip struggle with commitment issues. The second year Mathematics student complains that even after the extension he got last year, he’s having a hard time deciding whether or not to commit to this study: “I like this study. It’s cool and fun, but there are soooo many other programs out there… I just don’t know if its what I want to do for the next 4 years of my life.”

Education and Student Affairs (STU) has recently started counseling sessions to battle commitment anxiety among students. Round-table conversations with peers are used to mitigate the fear to actually pass a Bachelor’s Program. A STU representative shared their methods: “We often hear things like ‘jaaaa… ik weet het niet… dan heb je zo’n studie gedaan voor een jaar en dan denk ik IS HET DIT NOU?!‘ and we try to convince those students that they should stop whining and just pay the TU/e a tuition fee.”

While some students are still stuck deciding, Jip has made up his mind. He has decided to go for just 40 ECTS this year and to ‘keep it casual with my program’: “After all, I’m still young and I can always rebound to P&T or ID next year.”