Students Getting Baked in Atlas

If you couldn’t tell from the heaps of smoke coming from the windows, Atlas has officially become the ‘greenest’ building on campus. Although there has been some criticism on the lack of proper climate control back in February, most students are really beginning to feel themselves at home in their new building – particularly those from Industrial Design.

Second year ID students Gerrit and Maxime are genuinely enjoying the fresh air in Atlas: “You know man… after hearing about the problems in Atlas – and we really do not like problems, we like peace and quiet – we felt that it wasn’t fair that only IE&IS students were getting baked. You know man, we had to join them.” In addition to the exciting new experience, they mentioned that it was the first time they actually felt welcome on campus during the exam weeks: “Students from physics and electrical engineering telling we’re just getting baked in Atlas… Yeah, well, that’s just, like,your opinion, man!”

The facilities manager, Twan, is well aware of the situation: “Witte gij wa ‘t is: Sinds Atlas geleverd is, hebben we een paar problemen gehad met de rookdetectie, het verwarmingssysteem en de inkoop van WC-borstels. Maar gin probleem, da wordt gewoon opgelost.” In the meantime, Gerrit and Maxime will continue to enjoy their exam-free exam weeks.